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Eurostar Train London to Paris

Location: Paris, France

Taking the Eurostar high-speed train from London (St Pancras), through the chunnel, to Paris (Gare du Nord).

- The Eurostar area in the St Pancras train station feels more like an airport. Purchase sandwiches for the trip BEFORE entering the Eurostar area (better selection).

- Boarding starts 20 mins before departure. Departure boards show train information. Platform numbers are marked on different entrances to the tracks.

- Look for your coach number written on the platform in front of the train.

- Wheel your luggage up to the platform and carry it onboard.

- Baggage goes in racks at the ends of the car or above your seats (small bags only).

There are more racks in the area between cars.

- Seat spacing is more like coach in an airline than the more spacious train travel I had pictured.

- These trains go fast and the countryside was pretty boring at those speeds.

- Leaving Paris for London from the Gard du Nord. The Departure board shows the Eurostar trains to London. There is a separate Eurostar area in the train station.

- There were better choices for sandwiches inside the Eurostar (Paul).

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