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About the Slow Europe Website

The Slow Europe website launched in 2009. The Travel Forums started in 2014.

Pauline Kenny and Steve Cohen run the Slow Europe website. Pauline is the founder of Slow Travel (, an online travel community (now owned by Internet Brands Inc.). Pauline ran the Slow Travel website and community from 2000 to 2007.

Pauline is originally from Toronto and moved to Vancouver to attend university. Steve was born in Toronto and his family moved to Vancouver when he was young. We left Vancouver in 1987 to travel for a few years (two years traveling in the US and a year traveling in Europe). Since leaving Vancouver we have lived in Boston MA, Lenox MA, England, Hawaii, on a sheep farm in north-eastern Pennsylvania, Seattle and then we settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 20 years. In 2010 we decided to change countries again and lived in the Cotswolds, in Gloucestershire, England for five years. We now live on the south coast, in Dorset.

Pauline and Steve span the Baby Boom generation; Pauline in her late 50s and Steve in his late 60s. We travel in England and the rest of Europe frequently.

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Slow Europe Forums

Our forums launched in January 2014 and we invite to you have a look and meet other travelers.

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What Does "Slow Europe" Mean?

For me the "Slow" concept as used by Slow Food, Slow Cities and my old website Slow Travel, means taking the time to fully appreciate what you are doing. Slow Food support quality, local food produced by artisans. Slow Cities are designed to enhance a quality life with spaces designed for people not cars. Slow Travel encourages travelers to spend more time in one place instead of less time in more places.

"Europe" because this site focuses on vacation rentals in Europe. You will find vacation rentals all over the world, but in my opinion the ones in Europe are the best. Europeans have been staying in vacation rentals for decades. The vacation rental owners have been dealing with travelers for decades. There is a large selection of vacation rentals in Europe ranging from budget to luxury, from studio apartments to large villas.

Slow Europe gives travelers the information they need to create slower, more enjoyable vacations by staying in vacation rentals instead of hotels. I think the type of accommodations shapes the entire vacation. Instead of staying in hotels and moving about (two nights in Rome, two nights in Florence, two nights in Paris), pick one location and spend a week there in a vacation rental.

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The Slow Europe logo was designed in July 2008 by Ginés Valera. The logo for Slow Europe is a spiral to represent the "slow" concept surrounded by the elements of European travel - sea, sun and earth.

We have a page with our logo if you would like to link to us on your blog or website.

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