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Renting Automatic Transmission cars in Italy

Why Automatic?
Italy and other European countries are often new and confusing driving experiences. Even if you know how to drive cars with manual transmissions there are good reasons to select cars with automatic transmissions. Between navigation, foreign driving rules, and learning a new vehicle, the less distractions the better. Booking an automatic transmission car rental for a trip to Europe helps you focus on the road and enjoy your surroundings. It also makes it easier to enjoy a coffee as you drive.

Why Not?
Usually cost, but shopping around can often help.

Shopping Around
I have used many different agencies, but always after searching for online deals. Two things I've especially found helpful:
  1. Flyer Talk Car Rental Form has discounts posted for most rental companies. I have often save 45% ,or more.
  2. Join the rental companies frequent traveler programs. This often saves as well.

Due to demand and availability, it should come as no surprise that automatic car rentals are less common when you begin traveling outside of the U.S . The good news, you can book one without cancellation penalties. I often book one right away and begin the shopping experience. I cancel as I find a better deal.

Last thought
No matter the transmission, always thoroughly inspect your car for nicks and bumps before leaving the lot. Take pictures and have the contract list all you have found. Even if completely insured, it's better than having the hassle of submitting a claim after your trip.
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