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Umbria The Perugino Trail

In one of Frances Mayes' books, she suggests that we make art trails, like the Piero della Francesca Trail, for other artists. I made this Perugino Trail for Umbria. There are four frescoes in Umbria that can be visited by car in one day. Visit the fifth in Rome when arriving or leaving.

The artist known as Perugino is Pietro Vannucci, 1446-1523, born in Citta della Pieve, Umbria. For this trail, start near the Tuscany/Umbria border and drive east. It ends in Rome, but you could do that at the end of your trip, not as part of this drive.

Citta della Pieve, Umbria: Adoration of the Magi in the Oratorio Santa Maria dei Bianchi. Perugino was born in this town.

Panicale, Umbria: Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian and the Eternal Blessing in a Mandorla in the Church of San Sebastiano. Ask at tourist office for entry. This is a small town. Be sure to stop at Gallo's Bar for coffee!!

Perugia, Umbria: Frecoes in Collegio del Cambio. Also visit the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria in Perugia to see several of his paintings.
Parking: It is a difficult drive through the modern section of Perugia, but just follow signs for "centro". There are large parking lots outside the historic center and you take escalators up to the old part of town.

Spello, Umbria: Madonna Enthroned between Saint Catherine of Alexandria and the Bishop Saint Blaise in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (in a separate room to the left of the alter - also see the magnificent Pinturicchios in this church).
Parking: Parking outside the town walls at the lower part of town or on the east side about the middle of town. Either of these will give good access to the church.

Rome, Lazio: Christ Giving the Keys to Saint Peter in the Vatican, Sistine Chapel.

Photos of frescoes to be added when I find them!
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