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TV Shows Watching British TV From Outside the Country

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) produces great dramas, comedies and news shows. Every household pays a TV license (around £150 per year) which pays for the BBC, so you have public ownership of the part of the media. There are three BBC channels - BBC One, BBC Two, and BBC Four. Recently BBC Three went to online only. BBC One has the best shows. BBC Four specializes in those Scandi murder shows.

There are other channels that are not part of the BBC – ITV, Channel Four, etc.

Use a VPN to Watch British TV Shows Online

Most of the British TV channels have websites where you can watch the shows if you missed them when they were broadcast. But, you can’t watch them online if you don’t live in the United Kingdom. Unless you use aVPN (Virtual Private Network). The VPN runs on your computer and makes it look like you are in the United Kingdom, so the websites work for you. Read more about a VPN.

Other Ways to Watch British TV

Look for them on the streaming services you use - Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

@Roz posts: Acorn has a lot of variety of British shows, and is well-priced ($4.99 a month, or $50 for a whole year). We really love our Acorn subscription. Just don't buy it through the iTunes store, which adds on an extra charge.

@Kathy posts: There's a new streaming service called Britbox. It's a partnership between the BBC and ITV and offers British programs. There is a seven day trial, then it's $6.99 a month and you can start and stop at any time.

Websites for British TV

BBC iPlayer – Watch shows online (streaming) or download iPlayer software which lets you download shows to your computer and keep them for a limited time (so you can watch offline).

Channel 4 OD (On Demand) – They show a lot of US series on this channel but they also produce British series. Walter Presents is a selection of European murder mysteries or dramas.

ITV Player – They produced the very popular Downton Abbey.
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