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Yorkshire York, A Medieval Walled City - Part 2

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For those preferring the stately home experience, the Treasurer’s House tucked away behind the Minster was lovingly restored by the wealthy C19th industrialist Frank Green to hold his collection of furniture and pictures.
Treasurer's House.jpg

Treasurer's House .jpg

The gardens are free to enter when the house is open and are a haven of peace and quiet away from the tourist bustle of York.
Treasurer's House and Gardens.jpg

Fairfax House near Clifford's Tower, is an understated Georgian brick building near Clifford’s Tower. It has superb plaster ceilings and one of the best collections of period furniture in York.
Fairfax House.jpg

The immaculately restored Barley Hall, tucked away behind Stonegate, is one of the oldest timber frame buildings in York and was once the home of the Mayor of York.
Barley Hall.jpg

It has been comnpletely restored by York Archaeological Trust and the ground floor has been furnished what it might have been like in the C15th.
Barley Hall.jpg

Upstairs is an exhibition area. The famous horn window is here. In the Middle Ages, glass was expensive and horn windows were common in many buildings. Cow horns were readily available and were soaked in water to soften them, heated and then cut and rolled into strips. Only the semi-transparent centre part of the horn could be used, so the strips were not very big. The horn lets through a surprising amount of light although you cannot see through it.
Horn window.jpg

The timber frame Merchant Venturers’ Hall dates from the C14th and is where the wealthy York merchants gathered to do business.
Merchant venturer's Hall .jpg

It is the largest timber-framed building in the UK and the undercroft has a massive wooden beamed roof suppored on central pilars.
Merchant Venturer's Hall .jpg

The Great Hall or Guildhall on the first floor, was the main meeting place of the Guild and where they conducted their business and entertained. It is a massive double aisled structure as timber could not be found long enough to span the width of the hall. The roof is supported by a row of large central timber posts with crown posts held together by wooden pegs. This is one of the best timber frame roofs in northern England.
Merchant venturer's Hall .jpg

York’s history also had its dark side. York Dungeon is not for the faint hearted being an interactive experience with a cast of actors and special effects. For those wanting to explore the seamier side of York, there are also nightly ghost walks.

The walls make a lovely walk in the sunshine and the Museum Gardens just outside the walls, with the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey are a lovely place to drop out on a warm summer’s day.
Museum Gardens.jpg

York really has the lot.
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