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  1. B

    Help Needed Budapest thermal baths and places suggestions needed

    I’m traveling to Budapest tomorrow and will reach around 4pm tomorrow. I have half day tomorrow and the whole of Sunday in Budapest. I leave Budapest on Monday morning. Planning to go to a thermal spa tomorrow evening. Can you guys please suggest a good place which is not too crowded? Looking to...
  2. Anne

    A Not-So-Slow First Trip to Italy and Budapest

    Trip Description: My sister is invited to a conference in Budapest. Mom and I quickly muscle in on her trip and madness ensues - travel madness, that is! By andasamo from Nova Scotia, Canada, Spring 2006 Opportunity Knocks ... It all started when my sister (L) was invited to speak at three-day...
  3. BJinNM

    Hints for a handicapped traveler

    I have a good friend whose husband is a double amputee. He wears artificial legs and does very well with them. They are going to London, Paris and Budapest next April and I have been giving them hints as to what to do about laundry, phones, etc. They will have a scooter with them. I remember...
  4. Cindy

    Budapest hotel recommendations

    Hello - Wondering if any one has first-hand experience with hotels in Budapest and would offer recommendations. Two adults travelling at the end of August. Would like a luxe hotel without the luxe prices - of course! Thanks, Cindy