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  1. Cafe Menu

    Cafe Menu

    Cafe in Levanto, Liguria, May 2018. The set price for coffee (espresso) in this area is €1.10 at the bar. Only €0.10 more to sit at a table outside. In some areas it is a lot more to sit at a table. This is the first cafe you come to from the train station.
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    cafe clef.jpg

  3. Pauline

    Food & Drink Cafés in France

    The café is central to life in France. This is where you will find the locals having their morning coffee, meeting friends, reading the papers. They may drop in several times during the day. Most cafés are locally owned and run by the owner. For the traveler, cafés let you experience the local...
  4. Pauline

    Food & Drink Caffes in Italy

    Caffès (also referred to as bars or caffetterias) are found in every village and town in Italy. They are usually family-run and are the center of life in a neighborhood, serving coffee drinks, tea, juices, sodas, alcohol, and some food. They make you feel at home, as well as giving you the best...