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  1. Amy

    Paris Paris with the Boys - Taking Teens to Paris

    April 2007 - Amy and her husband spend a week in Paris with their teen boys. Back to Paris, Teens Included I often tell my eldest son Dan that he really was in Paris once. I was newly pregnant, and tagged along with my husband Larry on a business trip to Paris. The morning sickness, dietary...
  2. Ana Ro

    Hiking Via Valeriana near Lake Iseo (North Italy)

    In November 2016 my husband and I went hiking on Via Valeriana trail near lake Iseo in Italy with our baby (at that time 11 months) in a carrier. Via Valeriana is not a very long trail, just 24 km, but very scenic and diverse - you see mountains, forests, waterfalls, and of course beautiful...
  3. Brad C. Hodson

    Halloween in Italy?

    My wife and I nailed down our trip finally. We're going to be in Italy from October 3rd thru November 2nd. We'll be taking our two sons with us (5 years old and 18 months at the time of the trip). I'd like my 5 year old to still have a Halloween. While I know Halloween is predominantly an...