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  1. M

    Spain Five Wonderful Weeks in Northern Spain

    By caplanco from Colorado, Fall 2011 August 30 - October 4 Caplanco and "M" traveled the northern route through Spain from Galicia to Barcelona, ending with two nights in Madrid, enjoying some great food, art, sites and beaches along the way. This trip report was originally published on...
  2. Dennis

    Playa de Osmo Apartments - Porto-Corme, Galicia

    The apartments are about an easy hour's drive from the A Coruna airport. It is preferable to stop in Carballo for groceries at one of the large supermarkets. Fresh bread and milk is readily available in Porto-Corme but selection of other goods is limited. There is a bakery/pastry shop in town...
  3. Dennis

    A Walk from Porto to Santiago

    A Walk from Porto to Santiago Sept/Oct 2004 Please note: Two subsequent non-walk visits to the area, have shown an increase in prices. Also Porto has become more gentrified in my opinion. As with all reviews restaurants change cooks; hotels change management; albergues age. Buen Camino to...