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  1. Phyllis

    Need some help today - flight from Rome

    Quickly: we’ve been in Turin for our three nights and leave for Alba this morning. I will post later but I want to say we love Turin! We are staying at the Turin Palace Hotel and it’s perfect!! Now the problem, Norwegian cancelled our Milan-LAX flight home. They never told us we only found out...
  2. Castello di Limatola

    Castello di Limatola

    Castel that is a hotel and restaurant.
  3. Bruce Pollock

    Help Needed Small hotel recommendation for Barcelona?

    We are into the planning stage for a trip to Spain in spring 2018. Can anyone recommend a decent small hotel in/near the old centre? I'm hoping to keep it to EUR 150 max per night but realize this may be a stretch. Would prefer small, family-run type operation if possible. Thanks.
  4. Dennis


    Merce Barcelo Batllori is the hands-on owner of the Niu de Sol, a rural hotel and El Cau de Palau, rural tourism accommodation and the on-site restaurant, Ca la Rita. We stayed at the hotel section of her establishment. From the moment I submitted my initial inquiry until we left, Merce...
  5. Cindy

    Budapest hotel recommendations

    Hello - Wondering if any one has first-hand experience with hotels in Budapest and would offer recommendations. Two adults travelling at the end of August. Would like a luxe hotel without the luxe prices - of course! Thanks, Cindy