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italian food

  1. BryanS

    Why we love southern Italy!

    Agropoli (SA)
  2. BryanS

    You know you are in Italy when...

    You know you are in Italy when...You are in a bar with a carabinieri marshal and an engineer for an aperitivo and the only topic of conversation is the best location to find wild mushrooms and wild asparagus. :p
  3. Best pizza in Italy

    Best pizza in Italy

    Pizza margherita from Franco's in Battipaglia (SA)
  4. Stef

    Italy Expat Memoir

    Hi I thought that some of you might be interested in my Italy expat memoir, Living in Italy: the Real Deal. It is about me and my husbands hilarious and horrendous adventures while moving to Italy to start a bed and breakfast. It is on sale for 1$ for a few days. Check it out if you want...
  5. Pauline

    Language Italian Food Decoder App

    For those of us traveling to Italy this year, don't forget the fabulous Italian Food Decoder app for iPhone/iPad or Android by by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls. We have used it on several trips and it is a great help, especially for regional foods where the name doesn't always tell you what the...