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le marche

  1. Pauline

    Roman Roads Following Ancient Roman Roads - Via Flaminia

    "All roads lead to Rome" was true 2,000 years ago because Rome was the center of the western world and the Romans were road builders. It is true today, at least in Italy, because the modern roads follow the same route as the ancient roads. The Romans built roads from Rome out to their...
  2. Pauline

    Tuscany The Piero della Francesca Trail

    Piero della Francesca was an Early Renaissance painter from Sansepolcro (1415 - 1492). The Piero della Francesca Trail takes you on a driving trip across north-east Tuscany and into Le Marche to see three frescoes and one small painting. This trail lets you see his artwork in the places where...
  3. Pauline

    Profile Valle Nuova, vacation rentals and B&B in Le Marche

    By Valerie Schneider and Pauline Kenny, May 2010, updated February 2019 We did a series of profiles of vacation rental owners on Slow Europe. These have been moved here. For this month's profile we talked to Giulia Savini whose family owns Valle Nuova, B&B and vacation rentals in Le Marche. Le...
  4. Loreto Piazza della Madonna

    Loreto Piazza della Madonna

    Main piazza and cathedral in Loreto (AN)
  5. Valerie

    Le Marche Ascoli Piceno Travel Guide

    Ascoli Piceno is a provincial capital in a pretty setting. Nestled at the foot of a few mountains which encompass two national parks, it has a picturesque valley location surrounded by hills, yet is just a short distance from the sea. Its medieval heart beats proudly and resonantly. View of...