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  1. Terry

    Paris We Fell in Love With France

    By teaberry from Pennsylvania, USA, Spring 2006 April 7 to April 23, 2006. We spent our first week in Paris and had a family reunion, and spent our second week in glorious Provence. This trip report was originally published on SlowTrav. Why France, and Where to Go? In the summer of 2005, my...
  2. Hiking from Buoux to Sivergues

    Hiking from Buoux to Sivergues

    We started out on this walk but turned back. It was getting late in the day and the path was very rocky.
  3. Fort de Buoux

    Fort de Buoux

    Very steep old stairs you can take back down. We had to turn around and go back the way we came. Too steep!
  4. Fort de Buoux

    Fort de Buoux

    Looking up to the highest point with Roman tower on the left.
  5. Fort de Buoux

    Fort de Buoux

    View down from the highest point, with a cliff edge behind me.
  6. Fort de Buoux

    Fort de Buoux

    Roman era hill fort in the Luberon hills.
  7. Roussillon


    Doing a short walk into the old ochre mining cliffs.
  8. Roussillon


    In the town center.
  9. Roussillon


    Looking down at the town and the colored cliffs.
  10. Hiking at Lioux

    Hiking at Lioux

    View back of the cliff. You can't see the small town right under it.
  11. Hiking at Lioux

    Hiking at Lioux

    Walking along the top of the cliff at Lioux.
  12. Senanque Abbey

    Senanque Abbey

    View from the road above.
  13. Hiking from Gordes

    Hiking from Gordes

    A short hike from Gordes to the Senanque Abbey.
  14. European Experiences

    European Experiences

    We ran into Kathy's European Experiences group riding bikes in Goult.
  15. Saint Saturnin-les-Apts

    Saint Saturnin-les-Apts

    A beautiful Luberon town.
  16. Fontaine-de-Vaucluse


    Steve and Kevin - hiking on the nearby canal with Kevin our host at Le Mas Perreal.
  17. Pont Julien

    Pont Julien

    A Roman bridge in use until the early 2000s on the Via Domitia in Provence.
  18. Walking from Bonnieux to Lacoste

    Walking from Bonnieux to Lacoste

    Looking back at Bonnieux.
  19. Le Mas Perreal

    Le Mas Perreal

    We stayed in an apartment in Le Mas Perreal in Saint Saturnin-les-Apts.
  20. Doug Phillips

    Provence Return to the Luberon

    By Doug Phillips from Ontario, Fall 2007 A 10-day return visit to the south of France, following 12 days in Italy and two days in Paris with our two sons. This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Return to the Luberon In September 2007, my Beautiful Wife (BW) and I did...