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  1. G

    Transportation Rome to Naples Train Choices

    I. THERE ARE NOW TWO RAIL COMPANIES BETWEEN ROME AND NAPLES The most significant change which has occurred in the past few years is that now there are two competing rail companies between Rome and Naples: Italian-state controlled TRENITALIA and privately-owned ITALO TRENO. Many people have...
  2. Naples, Spanish Quarter

    Naples, Spanish Quarter

    Narrow and busy lanes.
  3. Relais della Porta

    Relais della Porta

    15 room hotel on 3rd floor of this palazzo.
  4. View from Hotel

    View from Hotel

    View from our room in Relais della Porta.
  5. Sara

    Help Needed Naples, Caserta, Pompeii

    I'm planning a visit of the area of Naples, Caserta and Pompeii for 5/6 days (end of April/beginning of May) with a friend. In our must-see list there are Pompei Scavi, of course, and the Reggia di Caserta. I'm planning the itinerary at the moment and I wanted to hear from you, guys, the...
  6. BryanS

    Information Flying with a disability

    I recently had surgery on my right leg that has me on crutches. We just returned from a roundtrip from Napoli to Albuquerque with 2 stops each way. We went through airports at Napoli, Munich, Houston (IAH), O’Hare and Albuquerque. Our flights were booked via United and all flights except the...
  7. BryanS

    Matera and Basilicata becoming more popular.

    This article from ANSA shows how the south is becoming the place to visit. In particular Matera and Naples.
  8. jan


    One of these days I'll post our whole (nearly 3 month) itinerary for your input but right now I have a quick question. This is in late September. After 2 weeks in Puglia/Basilicata, we will have 2 weeks in Lucca--we have 2 nights in between. So I was thinking of Naples. Question: We will be...