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  1. C

    10 days in Barcelona, Granada and Seville

    Trip Description: Spring 2003. 10 days in Barcelona, Granada and Seville. Background I took a whirlwind trip to Spain in June of 2001 to deliver my 17 year old daughter to a language immersion program in Malaga. We briefly experienced Madrid, Toledo and Seville before depositing her with her...
  2. Shannon

    Three Weeks in Spain

    Trip Description: Spring 2004. Shannon & Connie, daughter and mother, see six cities in Spain for tapas and touring. Here we go... My mother and I decided to go to Spain together in the Fall of 2002. We got lots of advice on where to go on the Slowtalk message board, and made a rough plan...
  3. Doru

    Three weeks in Spain - Spring 2002

    By Doru from Toronto, Spring 2002. Doru and his wife Josette did a 3 week trip to Spain (hotels, no vacation rentals) in April - May 2002. Introduction My wife Josette and I returned recently from a three-week trip to Spain (April 14 - May 5, 2002). We came back overwhelmed by the breadth of...