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  1. azahar

    Spain A Guide to Seville (Sevilla), Spain

    Seville (Sevilla in Spanish, pronounced se-VEE-ya) is the fourth largest city in Spain. It is the capital city and cultural and financial center of the Andalusia region in southern Spain. Founded by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago, Seville boasts one of the largest preserved old city...
  2. C

    10 days in Barcelona, Granada and Seville

    Trip Description: Spring 2003. 10 days in Barcelona, Granada and Seville. Background I took a whirlwind trip to Spain in June of 2001 to deliver my 17 year old daughter to a language immersion program in Malaga. We briefly experienced Madrid, Toledo and Seville before depositing her with her...
  3. Shannon

    Three Weeks in Spain

    Trip Description: Spring 2004. Shannon & Connie, daughter and mother, see six cities in Spain for tapas and touring. Here we go... My mother and I decided to go to Spain together in the Fall of 2002. We got lots of advice on where to go on the Slowtalk message board, and made a rough plan...
  4. Doru

    Three weeks in Spain - Spring 2002

    By Doru from Toronto, Spring 2002. Doru and his wife Josette did a 3 week trip to Spain (hotels, no vacation rentals) in April - May 2002. Introduction My wife Josette and I returned recently from a three-week trip to Spain (April 14 - May 5, 2002). We came back overwhelmed by the breadth of...