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southern italy

  1. Valerie

    Basilicata Basilicata in a Nutshell

    TASTES The region’s most iconic foods – Bread. The bread is made with semola flour, often cooked in a wood oven. Crunchy on the outside, firm but tender on the inside and delectable, it’s what bread ought to be! Peperoni Cruschi. Long, thin sweet peppers that are dried in the sun then fried...
  2. BryanS

    You know you are in Italy when...

    You know you are in Italy when...You are in a bar with a carabinieri marshal and an engineer for an aperitivo and the only topic of conversation is the best location to find wild mushrooms and wild asparagus. :p
  3. BryanS

    Matera and Basilicata becoming more popular.

    This article from ANSA shows how the south is becoming the place to visit. In particular Matera and Naples.
  4. Red Red Wine

    Transportation recommendations for getting to Tropea

    I am seeking opinions/recommendations for ways to get to Tropea from Lucca (Lets say from Pisa or Firenze as those are going to be the jumping off points nearest to me.) I can go from Florence's Campo Marte station on a night train (intercitynotte) that goes direct to Tropea for 70 Euro with...