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  1. B

    Turkey God Would Send His Beloved Servants To Datca To Live Longer

    By Banu from Turkey, Summer 2007 27th July - 5th August 2007 My husband and I decided to have a relaxing week. We would take a week off at the end of July, so we didn’t want to go to a noisy, humid and crowded place. It would be nice if neither of us had been there before. He suggested that we...
  2. hamurci

    Turkey Traveling in Northeast Anatolia

    Hello everyone, This first post of me in this forum, I hope I am not breaking any rules. Anatolia is the origin of many ancient civilizations. Because the geography provides a lot to live, love and more. Northeastern part is kinda like the switzerland. The mountains start from the sea level and...
  3. Dennis

    Turkey II: Istanbul, Cappadocia, And the Turquoise Coast

    In 2008 I travelled with my daughter to Turkey. One may wish to view the earlier trip report Istanbul and Some Sights of Western Anatolia. In 2012, Margaret, my wife, and I returned to Turkey. Nearly a month's exploration of old and new areas provided us with an appreciation of the rich...
  4. Dennis

    Turkey Istanbul and some Sights of Western Anatolia

    By Dennis Switzer from Alberta, Canada, Fall 2008 Over 17 days in September of 2008 Dennis and his daughter visited Istanbul, the Turquoise Coast, Pamukkale and Selcuk. This trip report was originally published on SlowTrav. Prelude In the months leading up to our arrival in Istanbul, my...
  5. Dennis

    Turkey Trip Report

    Prelude: In the months leading up to our arrival in Istanbul, my daughter and I familiarized ourselves with the sights and customs of Turkey. We were limited to 17 days so a comprehensive tour of the country was out of the question. Our first decision was to save the fairy towers of Cappadocia...