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2022 Plans Are Made!!!


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All of our plans are made, hotels booked, plane and train times coordinated, but the list of things to see and do in each area is still growing! I know that the airlines will change our flight times and I'm going to try to be chill about it but.......

Anyway, here's our itinerary:
  • First of August we arrive in Ireland for a 7 day stay,
  • then we move to Edinbugh for 9 days. In each country we'll take a 5 day small-group tour. In Edinburgh, we'll attend the Royal Tatto and meet up with my daughter and SIL.
  • 8 days in London, 4 in an AirBnB, and 4 more with friends who live just outside of London
  • This year we'll fly directly into Perugia at the end of August, and stay in Umbria until the first week in November.
  • We may or may not take a short trip to Florence - depends on how crazy buys it is! (I'm guessing it's going to be super crazy busy this year!)
I'm making a list now of all our reservations so that I can double-check them all one last time before we leave. Now all I have to do is wait for 3 1/2 months!

I'm so excited to see so many of us traveling again!

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