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Elephants can be seen in Africa and Asia, but I am afraid that despite the efforts of many charities, NGOs and governments, there is still an ivory trade to the far east..... it beggars belief that these wonderful creatures are gradually but surely wiped out. It is estimated that there is an elephant murdered every 25 minutes in Africa... yes , between 50 -60 a day !!
Here is part of a family we saw in the Serengeti, just having fun. We also visited the neighbouring national park of Tarangire which is famous for its elephants and lost count of the numbers we saw after 150. Fortunately there are still places where they are being protected quite well, and Tanzania is one of them.
These figures are from one of the most reputable charities, Born Free. I know that I witter on about what we can do about it, but the main thing is to just go to these places if you can, have wonderful experiences of seeing these beautiful creatures in their own world behaving naturally, and knowing that you are contributing to the local economy and to their protection.

This next image was taken quite close up and we were very privileged to see this young one happily chomping away and completely oblivious to us...
INDIA - 2016.JPG
Baboons are everywhere in Africa... just watching them in family groups, behaving naturally is just a joy.
It seemed as though this little fellow was being ignored while mum chatted with her chums....


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