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Adding Trip Reports and Travel Notes you wrote for other sites


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My winter project is to help members move some of their trip reports and travel notes from other travel websites to Slow Europe. This content is going into the Trip Report Forums or into the Travel Notes section of the forums. This means that the member who created the content can edit it at any time - easy to keep it updated, or add new info. It is also easier for me to maintain this content as part of the forums. Another good feature is that other members can comment on the trip reports or travel notes.

If anyone wants help with this, I am happy to help. I can login as you and copy your content from the other website to these forums. I can copy photos across too.

Trip Reports are no longer available on the old ST website (their code is no longer working), but I managed to save most of them. I can't publish them without the permission of the author.

Please contact me if you are interested in having any of your content added here. Start a PM with me or post on this thread. I have started working with some people on this project, so you will see new content being added.

I am also moving travel notes off the main Slow Europe site and into the forums section.


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I’ve been working on this and we’ve added several updated travel notes and several Trip Reports with more to come. I have all the ST Trip Reports, so if you want yours added to SE or just want a copy for yourself, I can do that. (I thought my system for saving that part of ST had not worked but I had just forgot where I put the files!)

Ian Sutton

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Hi Pauline
I can't remember if I posted any such reports to ST, but if you see my name, just send me a note and I'm happy for it to be posted here.


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Pauline, you are more than welcome to post any of my former Slow Trav trip reports, although some of them are pretty old. The last one I did from Italy, about the Val d'Orcia, I have already posted here, but I don't think I've posted any others. I believe there is also one there that Mike wrote (under the name Roz's Driver), and that one is fine to post as well.

- Roz


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Pauline, most of my trip "reports" are on my blogs. They're photo-heavy; and as you know, I never met a word I didn't love, so are fairly lengthy as well. I'm happy to share them here, any thoughts on how best to do it?


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Pauline, most of my trip "reports" are on my blogs. They're photo-heavy; and as you know, I never met a word I didn't love, so are fairly lengthy as well. I'm happy to share them here, any thoughts on how best to do it?

There are two options. ONE Start a new thread for each trip report, put a short description of the trip and maybe a photo, then link to your blog. I know you do multiple blog posts for each trip and it is sometimes hard to read your way through a trip report on a blog because you have to start at the end (which is the start) and work back, so you could even include an index with a link to each post for the trip report.

TWO Or duplicate the trip report on the forums. Copy in all your blog posts and photos. In the "old days" I did not like photo heavy posts (limited storage with the web host), but now storage is cheap and I like lots of photos and so does everyone else.

For photos, there are also two options. You can upload them to the Photos section, then use that BB code that is given by the photo to display it in a post. Or just upload the photos to the post. (I think a third option is to create a gallery in the Photo section and that Media Gallery Embed button lets you pick which photo to display. I tried this once but now I have forgotten how it works.)

I vote for option TWO because I would love to see all the details here, but it is more work for you. If you are interested in that option, I could help you move some of the posts.

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