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Anyone flown Iberia airlines lately?


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I just made reservations on Iberia to fly from the US to Italy later this year, hoping I didn’t choose the wrong airline. What have your experiences been with them? Thanks!
We flew them in fall of 2022 and have an upcoming booking with them, in both cases taking advantage of Business Class awards by converting not too many credit card points. The Business Class experience is very good. Connecting in Madrid, you deal with a very large terminal complex, usually needing to go by train from the satellite to the main terminal, and requiring passport control and security in the connection.
We flew Iberia from Los Angeles to Madrid, and returned Barcelona to Los Angeles in October 2023. No problems, but nothing special either.
we flew Iberia in October, Boston to Madrid. we were in the premium economy section and had absolutely no complaints whatsoever. only downside was I left my airpods on the plane when we landed back in Boston, and didn't realize it until much later, but that's on me!
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I only flew Iberia once. Many years ago we were flying from Madrid back to Boston. We were at the gate with an hour to spare. We were traveling economy and I wandered up to the woman at the desk. I just politely asked her if there was any chance of an upgrade (I was an AA gold member).

She looked on her computer and no sooner said than done she issued us Business Class seats, which were the best on that flight.

So I will never say anything bad about Iberia! :)
Hi, I flew Iberia on Dec. 23, 2023. I was supposed to be flying BA to LHR (from Boston) but the night before my flight was cancelled and I was put on the Iberia flight. Since it was my FIRST TIME EVER FLYING BUSINESS CLASS, I was a little nervous but Iberia Biz class was wonderful. I had access to the BA lounge at Logan so that was nice. I will admit, I'm now spoiled after flying Biz class LOL. The crew on Iberia was great. Food was delicious! (I flew home BA from Venice and I much preferred the food on Iberia). The airport in Madrid was massive but I had no trouble getting through passport control and on to my connecting flight to VCE. I would fly Iberia again!

Iberia was one of the few legacy airlines that didn't take part in TSA PreCheck for easier security for trusted travelers in the U.S. Today they've been added:

this is great news! I was surprised when I went to the TSA pre-check agent (flying Biz Class to Madrid) and she told me that I wasn't able to go through, I needed to go to a regular (take off your boots lady!) line. I asked the TSA guy and he said Iberia wasn't part of the pre-check program. Not that I plan on flying them again soon, but it's great news going forward. Thank you Andrew for this info!!
I flew with Iberia once in 2018 when I traveled from Madrid to Atlanta. I was flying in the Business Class and it was a good experience. I think you have made a good decision to fly with them :)

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