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Travel Note Ascoli Piceno Travel Guide


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Ascoli Piceno Travel Guide - Ascoli Piceno is a provincial capital in a pretty setting in Le Marche.

Ascoli Piceno is a provincial capital in a pretty setting. Nestled at the foot of a few mountains which encompass two national parks, it has a picturesque valley location surrounded by hills, yet is just a short distance from the sea. Its medieval heart beats proudly and resonantly.

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View of Ascoli Piceno from San Marco

Ascoli is a town that retains grit and graffiti. It hasn't been gussied up to attract visitors. Nowhere to be found are shop-loads of tacky...

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I took out the restaurant recommendations since unfortunately some of our favorites have closed or changed hands. Just a few weeks ago I read that the owner of one of treasured trattorias had passed away. But a couple places you should know about, if you do go to Ascoli:
First and foremost - do NOT get the stuffed olives that are the speciality of the city (known as olive all'ascolana) at the stand in Piazza Arringo. Do. Not. Do. It. They are industrially produced and not nearly as good as the real-deal, home-made babies. Go, instead, to the little shop under the portal in Piazza del Popolo, next to Calzedonia.
  • Caffe Meletti. The storied caffe on Piazza del Popolo is one of those "musts" that every city needs. Yes it costs more, but it's awash in atmosphere and a special ambiance all its own. Get a front-row seat for the passeggiata, or warm up inside with a decadent hot chocolate (with a dribble of Meletti anisetta, and whipped cream, of course)
  • Osti.Nati Fish &Wine. Miniscule seafood eatery and wine bar located between the city's two piazzas, with fresh-made menus that change every day, at reasonable prices. Tell Gianluca I said hi!
  • Ristorante-Osteria Kursaal, Via Luigi Mercantini. A stalwart presence, this is a comforting place with two dining options -the "front room" osteria with a few economical choices, or the "back room" restaurant with a menu of options. They own an enoteca so the wine list is good, too. Whatever you do, get the olive all'ascolana here, they're made in-house.
  • For pizza, seek out il maestro at Il Menestrello, part-way uphill on via Pretoriano. Pizza. Only. By the master.
  • For an upscale take on regional cuisine, get yourself to Al Piccolo Teatro. Excellent.


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