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CAUTION Old email/pswd from SlowTrav may be on hackers lists


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One of our members messaged me today to say he received an email threat to an address he used only on the old SlowTrav site. The email listed his password and said they had access to his computer. It was one of those ransom emails, asking you to pay them or they take over your computer.

They don’t have control of his computer but it is upsetting that they know the email and password he used on the old SlowTrav site. The email was from Denise Zobel.

Has anyone else received one of these?

You can check if your email is on these hacked lists. I checked my old SlowTrav email and it is on there.

Ina Smith

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Have received several ransom emails this past week. And my email on the hacked list. I still use the same email address thus not sure if hacker got hold of my email address by other means, but his /her emails very threatening tone.


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Just having access to an e-mail address is pretty harmless. You should check your passwords (this can be done through your password manager in your e-mail account and browser) and just change the password that the hacker says he has access to. Make sure you are not using this same one on multiple sites. Block the sender's e-mail and report it as phishing.


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Of course if the hacked password gave the hacker access to sensitive information (like all your passwords) then it's best to change all those as well.

chiaro di Luna

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I was hacked re: Cafe Press, used it through Slow Trav to order luggage tags etc. Have changed email, phone & home address since then

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