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Covid restrictions dropped by 1 May


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Italy's Green Pass/Super Green Pass will be abolished effective May 1. However, from April 1-30, there will be transitional rules, which I summarize here for the benefit of foreign tourists:

1. Face masks in all INDOOR settings (including on public transportation) become OPTIONAL starting May 1. Face masks in OUTDOOR settings are already optional;

2. A Base Green Pass (i.e. proof of vaccination OR proof of recovery from Covid OR negative molecular or antigen Covid test result (valid for 72 or 48 hours)) will be required to board buses, trains, planes or ships EXCEPT local transportation (city buses and metros/subways);

3. A Base Green Pass will be required to dine in INDOOR restaurants, cafes and bars, but only until April 15. No green pass will be required in OUTDOOR restaurants, cafes and bars from April 1. NOTE: Italian residents (but not foreigners) will need a Super Green Pass until April 15, and a Base Green Pass from April 16-30, to dine in INDOOR restaurants, cafes and bars;

4. No Green Pass will be required to enter any other closed public office, store, shop or commercial establishment;

5. A Super Green Pass will be required to enter any cinema, theatre, concert or symphony hall, opera house or indoor sporting venue;

6. No Green Pass will be required to enter any HOTEL or other lodging;

7. An FFP2/N95/KN95 face mask will be required on ALL public transportation, enclosed funiculars, chair lifts, cinemas, theatres, concert or symphony halls, opera houses, discos, dance halls or indoor sporting venues. A surgical mask (or FFP2/N95/KN95) will be required in all other indoor public venues. CLOTH MASKS ARE NOT ALLOWED.






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Contest 2019 Winner!
Thank you GAC.
Now...to go or not to go to Italy in September.
I have just noticed a great deal on my cc points, for very cheap lie-flat business class flights....


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Thank you GAC.
Now...to go or not to go to Italy in September.
I have just noticed a great deal on my cc points, for very cheap lie-flat business class flights....
We're heading to Italy in May (had great prices when buying those tickets many months ago) and was just looking at fares for September. I have enough points for a ticket for myself, but my wife's account is about halfway to the miles needed. Checked the "miles plus dollars" box for her business class ticket and answer was, "You will owe us $6,000" -- aka, "the full cost of a ticket even when we take all your miles from you". Since she is the one who has the family home in Italy, think I need to find a way to get her on the plane too ;-)

Sharon J

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We're also heading to Italy in May, after being canceled twice. Then back again in October. Fingers and toes are crossed. Nico, here we come!!!!


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No, not yet. This document has nothing to do with Italy's green pass/super green pass rules (which expire on April 30), but is part of Italy's ENTRY requirements.
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The Italian Minister of Public Health signed a new Ordinance which EXTENDS THE ITALIAN ENTRY REQUIREMENTS THROUGH MAY 31, with the sole exception of the Digital Passenger Locator Form, which is no longer required starting May 1.

Don't confuse the Italian ENTRY requirements with the green pass/super green pass rules INSIDE of Italy, which expire on May 1.

Also, the Vatican Museums still require presentation of the green pass (or functional equivalent), an entry requirement which has previously lapsed for entry into Italian museums. High-quality face masks are also required by the Vatican Museums, whereas they are only recommended in Italian museums.



"Il Ministro della Salute Roberto Speranza ha firmato l’ordinanza di proroga al 31 maggio delle disposizioni per gli arrivi dai Paesi Esteri. La novità riguarda il passenger locator form, che dal 1° maggio non sarà più necessario."


"THE MINISTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH HAS SIGNED AN ORDINANCE WHICH EXTENDS TO MAY 31 ITALIAN ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES. The (sole) novely is that the passenger locator form will no longer be required from May 1."


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From May 1 through June 15, HIGH QUALITY (FFP2/KN95/N95) face masks are required in Italy in the following venues:

1. ALL FORMS OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION except taxis, where they are recommended;

2. Cinemas, theatres, concert/symphony halls, opera houses, closed music and sports venues;

3. Hospitals, emergency rooms, medical clinics, retirement/elderly homes and facilities. An Italian Super Green Pass (or functional equivalent) ALSO continues to be required to enter these facilities.

Except for the venues noted in # 3 above, the Italian green pass/super green pass has been eliminated effective May 1.


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As of today (May 1), the requirement to present the Italian green pass and super green pass (or their functional equivalent) to enter venues INSIDE OF ITALY (including public transportation) has ended, with the sole exception of hospitals, health care facilities and retirement homes.

Similarly, from May 1, a green pass is NO LONGER REQUIRED to LEAVE Italy (UNLESS the foreign country of destination requires the equivalent of a green pass to ENTER that country).

HOWEVER, A GREEN PASS (or its functional equivalent) CONTINUES TO BE REQUIRED TO ENTER ITALY THROUGH MAY 31. (These are the Italian ENTRY regulations, not to be confused with the green pass regulations inside of Italy).

The Italian Government Travel Office website has been updated to reflect the new rules starting May 1:


This Italian Government website shows the venues in Italy where presentation of the SUPER green pass (or functional equivalent) continues to be required from May 1 onward. You need to show a SUPER green pass ONLY TO VISIT PERSONS IN HOSPITALS, HOSPICES, OTHER MEDICAL FACILITIES OR RETIREMENT HOMES.


Finally, remember that a HIGH-QUALITY FACE MASK continues to be mandated in the following venues THROUGH JUNE 15:

1. On all forms of public transportation inside of Italy (except taxis, where masks are strongly recommended)

2. In cinemas, theatres, concert/symphony halls, and INDOOR sports facilities.

Masks are RECOMMENDED in MUSEUMS and other closed public spaces.

In practice, most foreign tourists will encounter the face mask mandate essentially only on public transportation.

On face masks, see:


Bob Whelan

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Just note if you’re traveling back to the U.S. you still need to be tested one day before your flight home. Many farmacia will do the test but we needed a Sunday test which was difficult to find due to closures. Antica Farmacia del Cinghiale was the one for us and no appointment was required. The airport will also test but stops testing after 12:00 and it was difficult to get an appointment.

Another option is to purchase a proctored self test. My son purchased one of these before he traveled to Italy and tested in our apartment in less than 30 minutes.



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This is at odds with the practice in Italy, which has dropped both requirements for museums (although face masks remain recommended).

The Vatican is a separate country :)

Also remember that FFP2 masks are required on all public transportation and inside all medical facilities. Any regular farmacia can do the rapid test to qualify for a flight, even the one in our small village has done them.

You will still see many Italians wearing masks inside buildings and in crowded areas outside. We still see most Italians wearing masks in stores in our area. No matter where you are in the world, be respectful of those around you.

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