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FCO, anyone?? I'm venting -- apologies in advance


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The end of my story: this morning I find our bags on our front porch. The last notification from Air France was Monday saying they had located the bags. Checking their online tracking portal, I could see that yesterday it had been updated to say the bags were in Boston. Not sure when they arrived (I'm guessing overnight since we didn't see them late yesterday and nobody rang the bell) but I'm happy they are here and I didn't need to go to the airport to pick them up.

Already planning our next trip for late Sept or Oct and I'm only considering routes with no connection in Europe (at least on the way over).

Just noticed that the lock on one bag is gone and it had definitely been opened. Not sure yet if anything is missing.
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italian excursion

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Sorry for your troubles, Alpinista! Well, I flew Delta in May. They were a mess, canceled a flight on my way home and then a 5 hour delay in Salt Lake, of all places. They are having staffing issues like all the US airlines, I guess. I still maintain that the European airlines do a better job but I suppose it's just a crap shoot these days. If I've relaxed and well rested I don't get too bothered. Just have a few good reads with me to keep distracted from the aggravation. Yes, summer seems a very difficult travel time. It hasn't been so bad in October or May of last year. Fingers crossed.....

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