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Paul Chebator

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We are traveling to Italy for a little over three weeks in September. I have booked a lease car through Auto Europe. It’s a mid size SUV. The price is around 2400 American dollars. We have used the lease program a number of times in the past and it is wonderful to get a new car, etc…
However, for the heck of it, I just went online based on an email I received from holiday Cars.com. They are quoting me a Renault Captur, with no excesd and all the extra coverage for just under $1000. The vendor, I think, is a company I have never heard of, Key n’Go.
Does anyone have any experience with either holiday Cars.com or Key n’go? Thanks
I never heard of them, but as soon as I saw their price my immediate reaction was too good to be true. I seems it really is too good to be true -

Although I think you are paying too much. Have you tried pricing here -
I've used them for years and never a problem.
I did a google search of Key n’Go and ended up even more confused than ever as it didn't seem to be a specific car hire.
"Key'n Go car hire system is designed to get you on the road as quickly as possible and with the minimum of effort. One of the main advantages of this revolutionary system is not having to queue up and wait for your keys because everything will already have been dealt with in advance"
"The pick-up procedure is a simple matter of downloading the app and entering your details on your mobile device then collecting the car keys from a designated machine before getting on your way."

The App seems to belong to a company called GoldCar. They don't get good reviews on either Trip Advisor (across several countries) or Trust Pilot.

SO, who exactly are you hiring your car from? It does sound as if you are unsure. I would want to be very clear about this before committing yourself.

Like NoSpin I am thinking Caveat Emptor... HolidayCars.com are a third agent booking company and you could end up hiring a car from a company with a very dodgy reputation. Have a look at this thread on Trip Advisor begun 13 years ago and still active. Reviews on Trust Pilot are more positive but there is still 19% very negative ones.

You could be lucky and net a real bargain but you could also end up with the car rental company from hell....Green Motion or Easirent for UK immediatley spring to mind. I expect there are similar companies in other countries.
Thanks for all the feedback. I am clearly going to stay away from holiday Cars.com. I did check the price on Auto TT, and it is actually higher than my Auto Europe price. Probably because when I booked through Auto Europe, they had a free upgrade offer. Still expensive but we’ll get the same vehicle we had last year and loved, a Renault Austral.
Keep checking and comparing the prices on regular, non-lease options too. And keep in mind that if you find a better all inclusive deal, you have to cancel the lease-car option you reserved - and presumably paid for - at least 30 days in advance for refund or face significant penalty.

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