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TV Series Informer - BBC One

Jim Zurer

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Anyone watching Informer....now up on BBC One? Got a good writeup in the Guardian.

What about Mystery Road or Wanderlust? Wanderlust is going to be on Netflix in the next couple of days.


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Just caught up with the broadcast of the last episode. I guessed who the shooter would be, the inquiry into whose attack sort of introduces each episode, but the point of it (which I found gripping) is more the ins and outs of how everything got to that point, and the human cost of undercover infiltration of dangerous groups of people.

(For background, since it may not have hit the headlines outside the UK, there has been an ongoing grumbling scandal about how far undercover officers infiltrating environmental protest groups got themselves involved in a completely dual life, even fathering children with people they were reporting on, even while they had a family already in their real identities; but this focusses on terrorist and criminal groups)..


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