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Italy - What to Expect in Vacation Rentals


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Pauline submitted a new resource:

About Vacation Rentals in Italy - All about the houses and apartments we rent in Italy.

Italy is a popular travel destination with North Americans and people from Northern Europe. Brits, Scandinavians, Dutch and Germans flock to Italy for milder weather and sunshine. There are many vacation rentals in Italy - apartments in cities and towns, houses and villas in the countryside, apartments/houses on farms.


The Italian word Agriturismo (Agritourism in English) refers to rentals in the countryside (it is an official government program to...
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Really good resource Pauline! Very well written.

For food shopping, I'd add gastronomias to the list, which often have very good pre-prepared meals as well as a wide range of other food.

For closing, I fully agreed on the 12-1, though generally I find re-opening occurs a little earlier, typically 3:30-4:30pm though the best advice is always 'check locally' and don't expect them to stick rigidly to the times displayed + or - 10 mins isn't that unusual.



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