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London for a year?


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Anyone ever stayed for over three months? We’d love to go for a year but are unsure how to proceed. Just close up the condo and go ? Store the furniture and rent the condo?
Sell the place and just go?

suggestions ..


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The UK has different rules than the EU. A visitor can stay for 6 months.

We came for 6 months in 2010 and are still here. We arrived on our US passports and flew back to the US a year later. When returning to the UK a week later we tried to enter on our US passports again as visitors but were refused when they asked when we were last in the UK. Luckily we had Irish passports which give us the right to live in the UK, so we showed those and were allowed in. Now we are. Ritish citizens because my mother was born here.

My advice would be to come for 6 months, rent out your condo furnished (we tried Sabbatical Homes to rent our house but ended up renting to friends). It isn’t easy to find long term furnished rentals in the UK. We rented a place long term that we had rented short term on a previous trip.

Do you have any way to live in the UK legally? Irish or British parents?


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Many thanks, Pauline. I enjoyed reading your blog. we have no way of living in England legally, but a six month stay would be great. Thanks for the tips.


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