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Photo Hunt No. 27 - Hike/Hiking

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt Theme No. 27 (July 7, 2019) – Hike/Hiking

I'm back. I want to say a very special Thank You to Joe for posting the themes while I was away on Holiday. I loved the wonderful themes and everyone's beautiful images and creative takes.

It’s pretty cool driving/walking on country roads while traveling especially as they can offer up some beautiful scenery and interesting images along the way.

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A nice hike when visiting the Amalfi Coast is the very popular Sentiero delle Dei (Pathway to the Gods). I started in Agerola and walked to Nocelle then I took a bus down to Positano. The path is well marked and offers stunning views as it located high on the hills and along the coast.





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The hiking in England is fantastic but occasionally you run into an overgrown trail. This one was on our hike on Monday, from Beaminster (a small town near us) to Lewesdon Hill, the highest point in Dorset at just over 900 feet (not very high). Steve ahead of me on the trail. We had a 1/2 mile of this!



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Pauline, we prefer our trails a little easier to navigate. One of my favorite hikes is on the island of St. Martin.


One climbs a large hill then walks along a goat trail which ends in a very easy scramble down some large rocks to arrive at Happy Bay!



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