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Post your Pet Photos


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Pets have been in the news lately (the US President has no pets!!) and it made me remember our photo gallery for Pets - Photos of Cats and Dogs. I always enjoy seeing photos of pets in the random photos at the top of the forums.

Post photos of your pets!! We don't have any pets now and I always enjoy looking at photos of people's pets, especially cats. Dogs are okay too, I guess.


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My sweetie is allergic to cats and I have never been a big fan of them. When the children were at home we always had a dog. Each one of them became part of the family. We also had an outside cat, which we all grew very fond of... even me.

As our children got older and eventually moved out on their own we began to travel more and more and the pets became a problem. Neither of us liked putting our pets in a doggy hotel (kennel). So, when our last dog, Chip, passed away we never replaced him. Ironically, it was the same week our youngest went off to college when Chip departed also.


Today our pets live in the woods. We live in a very rural environment and these pets are constantly around the house.

However, we have not seen one bloom this year in our flower garden! Our pets seem to eat them when we are not around. The other morning when I awoke I walked out on the porch only to discover that there were 4 in the backyard, 3 in the flower garden, and two on our deck eating from the hanging baskets.

Maybe it is time to replace Chip...
He was very good about keeping the deer away. Sometimes he would be gone for 3 or 4 days making sure the deer stayed far away from the house ;)


Chip the Wonder Dog!
We’ve always had cats. Our old lady Lucy has established detente with my mother’s ridiculous shih-tsu who moved in with us a few months ago. They go on chipmunk patrol together. Mei has one brown and one blue eye. You would not believe the number of people who have asked if she has a glass eye.

Lucy looks well capable of keeping a mere shih-tzu in line!


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We've usually had 2 dogs and 2 cats. Here are the current felines, Sophie and Digit, the black one. They're polydactyl siblings -- thus Digit's name, and are over 16 years old:
Summer '08 039.jpg

Here are our 2 rescue dogs, Makalani (Heavenly Eyes in Hawaiian) aka Maka and Raffi, now 12 years old. They were in the same kennel at the Humane Society and got along so well that we had to take both of them:
Christmas '07 024.jpg


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