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Putignano Carnivale

Mary Hanson

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Today mom and dad abandoned me and went with friends Laura and Nico to Carnivale in Putignano.
They had been to the one in 2020 for the Fat Tuesday parade. 6 days later we were in lockdown. At that time there was 1 covid case in Bari and within 2 weeks Italy had over 1000 cases a week.
Putignano's carnivale claims to be among the oldest in Italy. It traces back 600+ years. Conceived as a political statement in the vein of a court jester it was used to speak out against government and church. There was a bit of that there today.
Today was about celebrating life. A bright sunny day and the carnivale came roaring back to life with 7 of the most interesting floats. The theme was TIME. Most of the floats used music as it changed. Some great guitar riffs BTW.
Carnivale here is not about the big expensive krewes. Harry Connick's krewe in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) last mom heard was $10,000 a year. The floats are definitely professional and have that incredible italian sense of style. Unlike NOLA however krewe doesn't ride on the float. Instead; like the samba dancers in Rio d Janero, they dance in front of their float. Amateurs who make up in verve what they lack in skill.
It was a crowd full of baby carriages, bystanders dressed in costumes and Venice level costumes on some of the kids. Not the Disney costumes but real, Hollywood level, velvet, gold embroidery costumes. Here the crowd sprays silly string and throws confetti. No beads were thrown, no tits shown.
The parade takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to pass and its quite a wait between each krewe. Parking was well controlled but centro was closed off from traffic a good mile from the parade. Fortunately mom's handicapped placard was recognized and the police let them drive in and park close to the route.


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