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Travel Note Renting Automatic Transmission cars in Italy/Europe


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Renting Automatic Transmission cars in Italy - I have rented many rental cars in Europe,with automatic transmission-recommendations

Why Automatic?
Italy and other European countries are often new and confusing driving experiences. Even if you know how to drive cars with manual transmissions there are good reasons to select cars with automatic transmissions. Between navigation, foreign driving rules, and learning a new vehicle, the less distractions the better. Booking an automatic transmission car rental for a trip to Europe helps you focus on the road and enjoy your surroundings. It also makes it easier to enjoy...
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I so agree! My husband is the driver and he has always preferred a manual transmission. I found it way too jerky since he is not used to driving a manual here at home. He finally agreed to always get automatics from now on to make me (the navigator) happy.
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Jim Zurer

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Last year was the first time I had rented an automatic...the price differential was negligible. After resisting for years, I don't think I will go back to manual transmission. The automatic transmission was much easier and less stressful (my wife definitely appreciated not have heart attacks as we rolled the wrong way towards the edge of a hill).

I do recommend that my clients who haven't driven a manual in a while spring for automatic to make the driving in Italy more pleasant.


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My wife and I grew up driving standard shift cars and I have had a succession of sports cars with standard drive -- for us, it adds a feeling of the road to our driving and increases the enjoyment of travel. We taught our sons how to drive standard shift in a large parking lot in Lucca using our vacation rental cars (saving the stress of me seeing them cowboy around in one of my cars at home ;-). The only times we haven't been happy with standard were when in UK and dependencies where everything was on the "wrong" side. Fully understand the leaning towards automatic, but guess it is to each his own.


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