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Slow Travel on Mars !


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Well, this may be a bit off topic. But I thought that because for many of us, as our favorite travel destinations are presently as unattainable as Mars, it might be interesting for some folks to see the amazing recent high-quality photos from the Red Planet. I'm posting in the "Other Countries" thread, so I might be OK with the forum administrator... ;)

This movie on YouTube, based on NASA photos taken from their rovers on Mars, is best seen full screen. It's only ten minutes, but quite remarkable imo. I swear there are places that remind me of my outdoors here - @Pauline can vouch for this... ;)
And anyone who has traveled in deserts will probably have an eerie feeling that Mars is not that alien.

For the lighter side, take a look at some of the comments posted under the video...
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Again, a bit off-topic - but just wanted to post the incredible video of the Perseverance landing on Mars.
It's just a thrill to see this in our lifetime.
As the deputy manager of the mission said :
“I think it’s part of the reason why we’re at the top of the food chain – it’s because we’re curious because we want to go to places we haven’t been. We want to answer questions we don’t know the answer to. Sometimes, we want to find the questions we don’t even know need to be asked.”

Maybe our grandchildren...?

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4czjS9h4Fpg&feature=youtu.be


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I just had to add another post to this thread, even though "slow travel on Mars" is probably as off-topic as can be.
I don't have a paid subscription to The Economist - a bit too expensive for me - but occasionally there are free access articles which I find interesting.
I really enjoyed this Christmas special from the journal, describing an imaginary hike in the crater on Mars in which the rover Curiosity landed. Written well, with some geological references, I think it can appeal to anyone who has taken a slow walk in a desert.
Sorry if you might have to register to read it.

"....You turn and face the mountain, broad and daunting. It is both nearer than the rim which encircles it and higher—taller and more wide-shouldered than Mont Blanc, Mount Rainier or Mount Fuji. Around its base, dunes sweep past flat-topped mesas. Behind and above them, a layered reddish rock rises a kilometre or more, its sturdy ridges casting stripes of shadow in the oblique light. The slopes immediately above are brighter and more chaotic, like a soft wood savagely chiselled. Higher still, towards the snowless peak, you think you pick out layers again, perhaps, of some sort. But it is hard to say: the air, though thin, is dusty, and the heights are far away.

You adjust your straps, square your shoulders, and start to walk towards it...."

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