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Travel Note St Mary’s Church, Kempley, Gloucestershire


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Eleanor submitted a new resource:

St Mary’s Church, Kempley, Gloucestershire - A small country church with some of the best medieval wall paintings in the country

Medieval churches were covered with wall paintings. They were the only way for an illiterate congregation to learn about the Bible stories. During the Reformation, these were covered up and forgotten about as they were regarded as ‘Popish’ images. By the C19th many parish churches were in a poor state of repair and, during major refurbishment, many wall paintings were revealed and restored. The remains of wall paintings can be found in many old churches across England. Some are just...

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I couldn't include all the pictures in the original article, so I've added them here....

Looking through the chancel arch to the small Norman window at the back of the church.

(Kempley 10.)jpg.jpg

Christ in Majesty on the chancel ceiling with the moon and stars and surrounded by angels.

(Kempley 11.)jpg.jpg

Six of the twelve apostles on the chancel walls.

Kempley 14.jpg

The remains of the border on the west wall. Above is the remains of the Easter Drama with the three Marys visiting the empty tomb with an angel to the left and a white cloth with stars over the tomb.

(Kempley 21.)jpg.jpg

The Tree of Life tympanum above the Norman doorway.

(Kempley 3)jpg.jpg


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