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Trip List - New type of Travel Note


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I have set up a new category in our Travel Notes - Trip Lists. I was hoping to have my trip list written but I am not ready yet. I think this could be a fun project and a good resource - if each member lists the trips they have done. People could search that section for destinations and find out who had been there. Or they could look to see how people put trips together.

I picture this as a list of trips with the following for each trip: date, brief description, destinations. For each destination, the number of nights/weeks, accommodations. Of course, you don't have to do it like this, but the idea is to have a place where we each list the trips we have done.

Travel notes are listed in the member profile, so these will be easy to find for each member.

I think it will be handy for each of us to have a list. I know I am always thinking "when was I last there?" As I get older, there are more trips and fuzzier memories!!
You said it Pauline - fuzzy memories. We are in the process of going through 30+ years of pre-digital photos and look at them and have very little idea of where that anonymous coastline is or what family beach holiday , let alone when it happened. If I had my time over I would have kept just such a list. It does not have to be a full blown day by day journal, just the date and where we went. We are more organised with photos and journals for our overseas trips. And now we are retired, I keep an ongoing journal of trips we do at home. But while we remember the many holidays and road trips we did while the children were growing up , exactly what year is another matter.


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