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Vacation Rental lists being moved from main site to forums


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Today I am starting my project to move my lists of vacation rental resources (agencies, websites) from the main Slow Europe website to the Resources section of the forums. I will create one list per country and link to that list from the top of each Vacation Rental Reviews forums. I am going to trim these lists - they became too long over the years. You can post on these lists to tell me if there is something to be added or removed.

I am in the process of moving most things from the main site to the forums. I had big plans for the website when I started it in 2008 but did not put in the time needed. Instead we moved to England (a huge time suck) and since then have been busy hiking and traveling (an enjoyable time suck). When this move is completed, the forums will have more content in the resources section and the main website will contain only my Day Trips section (which still needs a lot of work). Some day trips will also move to the forums. I have to figure out and clearly define exactly what that Day Trips section is (still thinking about this).

I am going to close down my Cotswolder website and move most of that content to the forums resources section. I enjoyed running that website but now that I live in Dorset I can't keep the content up to date.

Hopefully I can get the vacation rental lists moved in the next week, because them I have to start getting organized for our November trip to Israel.


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Italy is done. Moving on to France. I had to move these resources around a few times before I figured out the best way to keep them so some of these pages disappeared and appeared again in a different place.


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