Lascaux Cave

Lascaux Cave (Grotte de Lascaux) contains prehistoric cave paintings from the Paleolithic period (17,000+ years old). There are over 2,000 drawings of animals and people. The cave was discovered in 1940 and opened to the public in 1948. The many visitors caused damage because of the carbon dioxide produced by breathing and the cave was closed in 1963. A replica, Lascaux II, opened in 1983. It was replaced in 2016 by Lascaux 4, a complete replica of the original cave.

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Location: France - Aquitaine - Dordogne - Montignac

Category: Prehistoric

Tags: Cave Art, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lascaux 4 opened in December 2016. It is situated on the outskirts of the village of Montignac. This replaces Lascaux 2 which was located outside the village.

Google Map showing location is approximate. I am not sure where this site is located but read that it is on the road to Lascaux II.

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Day trip contributed by Pauline Kenny

More Information

Lascaux Cave is located near the town of Montignac in the Vézère Valley (La vallée de la Vézère), a river valley containing many prehistoric sites, including many caves with prehistoric paintings. Lascaux is the best known but there are others where you can visit the original cave, not a replica. The town of Les Eyzies, south of Montignac, has a good archaeological museum.

Lascaux 2, an earlier copy of the site which opened in 1983, reproduced 90 percent of the cave's wall art (the Great Hall of the Bulls and the Painted Gallery). It was located in a natural cave near the original. Lascaux 3 was a traveling exhibition showing highlights from the site. With Lascaux 4, opened December 2016, the entire Lascaux cave has been reconstructed. This reproduction took a team of 30 workers four years to complete at a cost of 66 million euros.

Read more in this article from The Observer (UK): Hi-tech replica to bring prehistoric art of Lascaux within reach by Kim Willsher, 3 December 2016

We visited Lascaux II on a rainy day in May 2013. The site was well worth visiting. Even though it is a replica, you are in a cave and the drawings have been reproduced exactly. The tour was less than an hour long. We also visited several of the smaller caves in the area, where you see the original paintings.


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