Hailes Abbey

Hailes Abbey is a Cistercian Abbey founded in 1246 and used by a small number of monks. Not much of the abbey remains, but you can see the outlines of the church and other buildings, along with some remaining cloister walls. It is a beautiful and peaceful spot.

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Location: England - Gloucestershire - Winchcombe

Category: Medieval

Tags: Cistercian Abbey, English Heritage, National Trust

Hailes Abbey is owned by the National Trust, and managed by English Heritage. There is a small onsite museum with medieval tiles and stone carvings from the site. There is a tea room at nearby Hailes Farm and several in Winchcombe.

Hailes Abbey is on the Cotswold National Trail. You can walk there from Winchcombe (45 minutes). If you drive, there is parking at the site.

Website: English Heritage - Hailes Abbey

Day trip contributed by Pauline Kenny

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Read more: Glossary - Cistercian Abbey.

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