Morris Dancing

Morris Dancing, a type of folk dancing that originated in medieval times, is popular in the Cotswolds. Male and female dancers dress in costume, usually white, with bells and bows attached. They wave hankies or sticks during the dance. The dancers are usually accompanied by a fool and sometimes a beast, and may take up donations for charity. You will find Morris Dancers in many places in the summer - at village fetes, on village greens, even on the street outside a pub.

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Morris Dancing can be found in most parts of England, usually in public spaces in the summer. We have seen Morris Dancing on the village green in Broadway, outside a pub in Sheepscombe and on a street in the center of Oxford.

Website: The Gloucestershire Morris Men

Day trip contributed by Pauline Kenny

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Photos are from a summer evening at a pub in Sheepscombe, a village in the Cotswolds. A group of Morris Dancers appeared and danced on the road in front of the pub. A man dressed as a horse collected donations. Cars waited until dances were finished before they could drive by.

Photos of Morris Dancing

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