Via Flaminia - Foligno Tombs

The remains of two ancient Roman Tombs are found along the route of the ancient Roman road Via Flaminia between Bevagna and Foligno. These are small remnants of Via Flaminia, but are well worth seeking out if you are in the area. They are located at the western edge of Foligno and development is encroaching on them.

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Location: Italy - Umbria - Perugia - Foligno

Category: Ancient Roman

Tags: Tomb, Via Flaminia

On the SS316 road from Bevagna to Foligno there are two tombs on your left. The first is at the edge of the village of Fiamenga on the corner of Via della Chiona. The second is just past the sign telling you are entering Foligno, across from the intersection of Via Santo Pietro. They are 500 meters (.3 mile) apart. Park on either of the side streets.

Day trip contributed by Pauline Kenny

More Information

These ancient Roman tombs need to be preserved. A Facebook page has been created to campaign to preserve them - Salvaguardia Monumenti Funerari Fiamenga. Please join to show your support.

We visited these tombs in September 2015.

Read more: Glossary - Via Flaminia.

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