Via Flaminia - Rignano Flaminio

Short stretches of the ancient Roman road Via Flaminia remain in the town of Rignano Flaminio, in Lazio north of Rome. The modern road SS3 runs along the route of the Via Flaminia, so most of the original Roman road is buried beneath the modern road, but in some areas the modern road goes a different route and the ancient road is visible. One section can be found south of Rignano Flaminio. Another in the center of the town is visible.

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Location: Italy - Lazio - Rome - Rignano Flaminio

Category: Ancient Roman

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If you are driving north from Rome it is easy to take a route that lets you see this stretch of the original Via Flaminia. From the Rome ring road, exit on the SS3 in the direction of Civita Castellana. South of Rignano Flaminio, just before the crest of a hill and a bend, you see a street sign for Antica Flaminia on your left. There is room to park. The original stones are visible at the start and the end of this stretch, where it rejoins the SS3. You can walk the stretch (500 meters, .3 mile).

If you miss the turnoff continue for another 500 meters on the road and you will see where the Via Antica Flaminia rejoins the road on your left. There is room to park there.

In the center of Rignano Flaminio sections of the original Via Flaminia are visible beside the main road (on your right if driving north).

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