Via Flaminia - Forum Sempronii

Forum Sempronii, near modern Fossombrone, was a Roman city founded in 2nd century BC. The Via Flaminia passed through the center of the town. At one point the city occupied 35 hectares, but it was abandoned in the 5th - 6th century AD. The site is being excavated and you can see the foundations of some of the buildings and roads. A stretch of the Via Flaminia is visible. This is a small archaeological site and not always open for visitors.

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Location: Italy - Marche - Pesaro and Urbino - Fossombrone

Category: Ancient Roman

Tags: Via Flaminia, Road, Town

In Fossombrone keep on the SS3 in the direction of Fano. At the edge of town, with Via del Forno on your right, there is a small sign for the Forum Sempronii Archeaological Site on your right. Don't turn down the road but go straight and there is an entrance to a parking lot on your right.

Day trip contributed by Pauline Kenny

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The Via Flaminia passed through the center of what is now Fossombrone, so if you have time, have a walk around this pretty town. There are a few other sites in this area between the Furlo Gorge and Fano which we did not get to see. There is a burial ground near Calmazzo, Roman finds in the museum in Fossombrone and a stretch of Via Flaminia visible near Serrungarina.

Read more: Glossary - Via Flaminia.


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