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Day Trips in England - Cornwall

The county of Cornwall is the south-western point of England. At the tip of Cornwall is Land's End, the most westerly point in England.

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Towns & Villages

St Ives

Historic seaside town on the north coast of west Cornwall. St Ives is very popular with tourists and can be crowded in summer, but is still a beautiful and charming town. The town is on a peninsula jutting out into the ocean with good beaches in s...Read more

England - Cornwall - St.Buryan
Towns & Villages - Town


Land's End

Land's End is the south-west tip of mainland England. Skip the tourist things and stand on the 200 foot high granite cliffs that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean. You are looking towards the Isles of Scilly 28 miles away and beyond that, Newfoundlan...Read more

England - Cornwall - Sennen
Nature - Coast

The Lizard

The Lizard is the most southerly point on the United Kingdom mainland (49°57' N). This dramatic coastline has steep granite cliffs, small fishing villages and sandy beaches. It is a popular summer holidays destination. The Helford River snakes th...Read more

England - Cornwall - Lizard
Nature - Coast


King Doniert's Stone

King Doniert's Stone are two pieces of a 9th century celtic cross in a field on the edge of Bodmin Moor. The stones are carved with a knotwork pattern and an inscription for King Doniert who drowned in the River Fowey in the 9th century. The inscr...Read more

England - Cornwall - St Cleer
Medieval - Celtic Cross


Boscawen-ûn Stone Circle

Boscawen-ûn is a circle of 19 standing stones, with an extra stone in the middle. All the stones are granite, except for one of quartz. You can see the Merry Maidens Stone Circle from Boscawen-ûn.Read more

England - Cornwall - St Buryan
Prehistoric - Stone Circle

Boskednan Stone Circle

The Boskednan Stone Circle (also called the Nine Maidens) has some fallen stones but nine or ten are still standing. The original circle may have contained up to 22 stones. It can be reached on foot from the Men-an-Tol standing stones.Read more

England - Cornwall - Boskednan
Prehistoric - Stone Circle

Carn Euny Ancient Village

Carn Euny Ancient Village is an Iron Age settlement from the 5th century BC. This was a farming community and was in use for nearly 900 years. There is a well preserved Iron Age Fogou (underground chamber). When the Romans came into this area they...Read more

England - Cornwall - Sancreed
Prehistoric - Fogou, Settlement

Chysauster Ancient Village

Chysauster Ancient Village is an Iron Age settlement, occupied almost 2,000 years ago, and is one of the best examples of such in the country. The village was made up of eight houses in two rows of four each, forming a village street. These were c...Read more

England - Cornwall - Newmill
Prehistoric - English Heritage, Fogou, Settlement

Lanyon Quoit

Lanyon Quoit is a dolmen near the Men-an-Tol standing stones. It has three upright stones supporting a large capstone. It collapsed in 1815 and was re-erected in 1824. When we visited a herd of cows was using the stones for shelter.Read more

England - Cornwall - Madron
Prehistoric - Dolmen


Mên-an-Tol is a group of standing stones. The name in the Cornish Language means "the hole stone". There are two upright stones on either side of a round stone with a hole in the middle. It is thought to have been set up in the Bronze Age, making...Read more

England - Cornwall - Madron
Prehistoric - Standing Stone

Merry Maidens Stone Circle

The Merry Maidens Stone Circle has 19 standing stones and is thought to be complete (no stones have been removed). It is also called Dawn's Men from the Cornish "Dans Maen", meaning Stone Dance. The name comes from a tale that the stones are 19 ma...Read more

England - Cornwall - St Buryan
Prehistoric - Stone Circle

The Hurlers Stone Circles

The Hurlers Stone Circles, three stone circles on Bodmin Moor near the village of Minions. The first circle has only a few stones, but the other two circles have several stones. West of the circles are two standing stones called "The Pipers". Ther...Read more

England - Cornwall - Minions
Prehistoric - Standing Stone, Stone Circle

Trethevy Quoit

Trethevy Quoit is an impressive Neolithic dolmen (4th century BC). Six upright stones support a massive 20 ton capstone. According to legend, giants hurled these stones together in a game of quoits. The quoit is in a small village on the edge of B...Read more

England - Cornwall - Darite
Prehistoric - Dolmen

Where to Stay

Cornwall is a popular travel destination for Brits and other travelers seeking the beaches in the summer and the walking trails and historic sites year round. The South Coast Trail, a national long distance path, follows the Cornwall coastline and provides very good walking opportunities. The coastline is dramatic, with high cliffs, many small coastal villages and beautiful beaches.

Because Cornwall is so popular, there are many vacation rental agencies with apartments and cottages. Places book up early for the summer (July and August).

For dramatic coastline and hidden beaches, go to western Cornwall with Penwith Heritage Coast to the north (with Penzance, Mousehole, St Ives and Land's End) and the Lizard Heritage Coast to the south. St Ives is very busy with tourists in high season, but is a great place to stay. Nearby Carbis Bay is more suburban and quiet, but also a good central location (you can walk to St Ives or take the train). Buses connect St Ives with most parts of the Penwith Peninsula. Mousehole, near the larger city of Penzance, is another beautiful village with several restaurants and cafes. The Lizard has many beautiful small villages along the coast and inland.

Villages along the Helford River are popular as is the Roseland Heritage Coast, with the village of St Mawes. Further east, the River Fowey area is a popular destination.

Newquay on the north coast is a popular town with good beaches and surfing. Further east on the north coast, Padstow and the area near Tintagel are popular destinations.

Really, you can't go wrong staying anywhere in Cornwall.

Read more on Visit Cornwall, the tourist office website.

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