Write a Day Trip

Contact Pauline with your outline for the day trip before you start. To write a day trip you must have visited the place.

To get an idea of what we want, look at our current day trips. Also look at our list of categories to see how yours will fit.

Day Trips in England - Gloucester is a good example of a country/region with several types of day trips.

When you have the okay to write a day trip, email Pauline the following information.

Your Name - Your name as you want it to appear on the day trip page.

Your Website - The URL you want your name to link to (optional).

Name - Name of the day trip (place).

Description - Up to 200 words describing the day trip in general.

Location - town, region, country

Practical Info - Any notes about how to find it, opening times, etc. to help the traveler locate the place (optional).

Website - Website for the place (optional).

More Info - More text describing the day trip and what you thought about the place (optional).

Photo - (optional) Attach photos if you have them. Either one photo or a series of photos (up to 20). Send full size or format them to 72ppi, 1024 x 768 pixels.

Thank you for writing a day trip!