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Slow Europe shows you how to find vacation rentals in Europe - villas, houses, cottages or apartments that you rent by the week.

What are Vacation Rentals?

Travel Company Profiles

Our interviews with travel businesses - vacation rental agencies and owners, farms and estates, small group tours, tour guides, etc. They tell us about their business and share their travel tips.

Vacation Rentals in Italy

Rebecca Winke, Brigolante Guest Apartments

Brigolante Guest Apartments: Three vacation rentals on a farm near Assisi, in Umbria. Rebecca Winke. March 2010

Lisa and Pat Byrne, Italy Perfect

Italy Perfect: Vacation rentals in Rome, Florence, Venice and a few countryside locations. Lisa Byrne and Pat Byrne, San Francisco and Boston. November 2008

La Bella Toscana

La Bella Toscana: Vacation rentals in Tuscany, Umbria and the Amalfi Coast. Colle Val d'Elsa, western Tuscany. January 2009

Nico and Elena Pannevis, Sant'Antonio

Sant'Antonio Country Resort: Estate with vacation rentals in Tuscany, near Montepulciano. Nico and Elena Pannevis. January 2010

Lucca Trotta, Summer in Italy

Summer in Italy: Vacation rentals on the Amalfi Coast, the Cilento Coast and other regions of Italy. The Trotta family, Salerno, near Amalfi. August 2008

Giulia Savini, Valle Nuova

Valle Nuova: Vacation rentals and B&B on a farm near Urbino in Le Marche. Giulia Savini. May 2010

Vacation Rentals in France

Matthew and Gayle Roberts, Riviera Pebbles

Riviera Pebbles & Nice Pebbles: Vacation rentals on the French Riviera and Nice. Matthew and Gayle Roberts. March 2009

Jane and Ronald Bennett, Au Chicot

Au Chicot: Jane Bennett runs Au Chicot, a house in Gascony, in southwest France. April 2010

Vacation Rentals in England

Matthew and Gayle Roberts, Riviera Pebbles

Broadway Manor Cottages: Vacation rentals on an estate on the edge of Broadway in the Cotswolds. Debbie and Ross Williamson. January 2010

Vacation Rentals for All of Europe

Interhome Booth in Atlanta

Interhome: Vacation rentals throughout Europe. Offices in most European countries and represented by Resort Quest in North America. June 2008

Suzanne Pidduck, Vacation rentals throughout Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland). Suzanne Pidduck and Kevin Pidduck, California. October 2009

Untours, European vacation packages

Untours: European vacation packages featuring one or two week stays in vacation rentals. August 2010

Other Profiles of Travel Businesses

New York Times, Collecting Houses in Northern Italy, by Anne Glusker, March 2009. This article is about Toni Hilton, of Casa in Monferrato. Toni says there is one mistake - "tuffo isn't soft, the bottles don't get pushed into it".

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