Vacation rentals in Europe. Untours helps you plan your vacation, books flights, meets you at the airport, helps you get your rental car and escorts you to the vacation rental. Their local guide gives you an orientation, provides a starter supply of groceries, organizes a lunch for you and other Untour travelers in the area, and is there if you need them. Untours, based in Philadelphia, is the original vacation rental agency in the US.

Agency based in United States

Listings for France: Alsace, Paris, Provence

Listings for Germany: Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate

Listings for Italy: Campania (Amalfi Coast), Florence, Rome, Tuscany, Umbria

Listings for Spain: Andalusia, Barcelona

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Review of: Untours

 Rating - 5 stars

Reviewed by: ShutterbugBill (1 review)

Reviewed on: August 11, 2010

Date of Stay: spring 2010

Vacation Rental Name: Fifi's Place (Marais)

This is a video tour of the apartment that we called home for a month. We loved the apartment and the location. It was arranged by Untours. This was our fourth untour, and our second in Paris.

YouTube - Tour of Fifi's Place

This is an example of just one of the "Untours moments" that made our trip special.

YouTube - It all started with Escargot

Review of: Untours

 Rating - 5 stars

Reviewed by: SignoraEdie (1 review)

Reviewed on: August 11, 2010

Date of Stay: fall 2007

Vacation Rental Name: Northern Tuscany Untour

We have enjoyed international travel for over 10 years now. We have enjoyed the convenience of an organized tour and have also traveled independently. We found our Untours experience to be the best of both worlds.

Untours provided us with an apartment in a small village of Calci outside of Pisa. Included in our package was local transportation, which for this rental was a car. We also had a live contact person who helped to orient us to the area and was there if we had any problems. Once we attended our orientation, we were on our own as independent travelers for the two weeks.

Our apartment was in the countryside so we awoke every morning to the sounds of a small town awaking ... rooster crows, gentle murmurs of local residents walking down the road. We had the enjoyment of attending a local sagra during our stay where the local residents celebrated the "chestnut!" By the end of the two weeks we were waving to familiar faces. We shopped at the local stores for simple foods that we could prepare in our authentic Italian kitchen. Some of our memories include learning how to regulate the temperature of the water heater and how to turn on the gas burners on the stove.

We participated in one organized outing led by our Untour contact person and met others in the area who were also renting Untour apartments. We carry with us today warm feelings for our short time home away from home and the people of Calci and are looking forward to our next Untour in Holland and Germany.

Patricia and Jay Edie,

Southern California