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Truffle Hunting in Le Marche

by Pauline Kenny and Moreno Moretti (, October 2010

Truffle hunter and dog, Le Marche, Italy

Truffle hunter with truffle and dog

Truffle hunting is serious sport in Le Marche. Truffles (Tartufi in Italian) are a fungus found growing in the soil on the roots of trees. Truffles are sliced very thin and served as a condiment in various dishes, such as eggs, pasta or bruschetta. In Le Marche a popular dish is handmade gnocchi with truffles and porcini.

The best truffles are found in Italy and France. The black truffle is the most common, but some areas also have a white truffle. In Le Marche they have two types of black truffles and one type of white. Truffles are usually hunted in the fall, but can be found at other times of year.

Local hunters go out into the woods with dogs specially trained to find truffles. Each hunter has his/her own special place for finding truffles and they keep these secret. The Monti Sibillini area in Le Marche is a good place for truffles. If you don't have time, and a dog, to go hunting you can purchase truffles in local shops.

About Le Marche

When you visit Le Marche you will be struck by the beautiful landscape, the rich cultural heritage, the historic architecture and the quality of the local produce. The region's economy has traditionally been based on agriculture and the fantastic products made by local artisans. Most of these artisans work for small family businesses that have handed down skills from one generation to the next. Many still work by hand and there is relatively little mechanization.

Experience Local Truffle Hunting

Moreno Moretti of offers a way to experience the true flavor of rural life in Le Marche. With the help of friends who were born and raised in the area and are extremely passionate about nature and the traditional Le Marche way of life, he offers day trips that will let you to experience and understand why life in Le Marche has remained unchanged for centuries. Experience a fantastic day truffle hunting with experts and their dogs in local woodland, then take part in a cooking class using the truffles that you found. After the class enjoy the lunch you helped prepare and sample local wines. Cost: €75 per person

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