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Slow (an attitude) - Take the time to fully experience a place. Spend a week in a vacation rental. Plan your day trips to see the nearby sights.

Europe (a destination) - The perfect place to slow down. You are surrounded by history, culture, nature, people.

See Europe the Slow way. Use this website to plan your time, to find the day trips you will enjoy. Are you passionate about the prehistoric past in Europe? Do you like to hunt out the remains of the Roman Empire that once spread throughout the continent? Do you want to walk in ancient woodlands? We show you the day trips that we have enjoyed, the sights we have seen, throughout Europe.

Stay in Slow accommodations. Find vacation rentals in Europe - apartments, cottages or houses that you rent by the week. There is a great selection of vacation rentals in Europe - stay in a holiday cottage in England, a villa in Italy, an apartment in Paris. Spending a week in a vacation rental lets you slow down and experience the local life. This is a great way to see Europe.

Talk About Slow Travel. Join us on the forums to talk about travel in Europe. Our members post photos and trip reports, write reviews of vacation rentals and plan their travel.

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Hailes Abbey (Gloucestershire, England), comments by Eleanor Hailes Abbey is a lovely site, even though there isn't a lot of it left. It is so quiet and peaceful and a good place to drop out on a sunny day. I particularly liked the small exhibition centre with [...]

Pitigliano Etruscan Pathways (Tuscany, Italy), comments by Valerie We walked a few of the Vie Cave in December; they are fascinating! There are a few grouped close together below Pitigliano along the SS74 towards Sovana, before you arrive at the Via Cava San [...]

Lascaux Cave (Aquitaine, France), comments by Pauline Updated January 2016 with information for Lascaux 4.

Sassi of Matera (Basilicata, Italy), comments by Valerie I should have advised that July and August are HOT. I mean, HOT! Those rocks heat up and radiate it to toast you. There is a beautiful fresh market daily (not Sunday), basically "behind" Piazza [...]

Metaponto Palatine Tables (Basilicata, Italy), comments by Valerie The museum is insanely hard to find! The archeological sites are scattered around with poor signage, odd as you'd think they'd make it easier to find their major tourist draw!

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