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Slow (an attitude) - Take the time to fully experience a place. Spend a week in a vacation rental. Plan your day trips to see the nearby sights.

Europe (a destination) - The perfect place to slow down. You are surrounded by history, culture, nature, people.

Talk About Slow Travel. Join us on the forums to talk about travel in Europe. Our members post photos, trip reports and reviews of vacation rentals. They use the forums to plan their travel.

See Europe the Slow way. Use this website to find the day trips you will enjoy. Are you passionate about the prehistoric past in Europe? Do you like to hunt out the remains of the Roman Empire that once spread throughout the continent? Do you want to walk in ancient woodlands? We show you the day trips that we have enjoyed, the sights we have seen, throughout Europe.

Slow Europe is changing! We are moving articles and vacation rental resources to the Resources section of the forums.

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